Our journey began back in 2017, when after using almost every pair on the market over the years, Dayne Barkley, an IIN, Bulletproof and Primal Certified Health Coach, conceived the idea for many pairs of blue light blocking glasses in one.

Using interchangable clip-ons, that would not only tick all these boxes for the health savy, but streamline the often expensive and inconvenient 2+ pairs of glasses needed, making integrating them into your lifestyle much easier and more affordable.  

Protecting the health of our eyes and sight, is also close to our heart with Dayne's late Nan being blind for all his life, and it has never been more important than it is today, with our constant exposure to harmful artificial light.

Since then, we have been humbled to help hundreds of people, including professional athletes and practitioners around the world.

We are also proud to have been featured on health and personal development podcasts/shows such as 'Mito Life Radio with Matt Blackburn', 'the Superfeast Podcast', and 'Extreme Health Radio'.

We are 100% Australian and family owned, operating out of the pristine Yarra Ranges of Melbourne.



We help people like you experience theinfinite health and healing benefits from returning to a more natural circadian rhythm and way of living. We infuse ancient wisdom and modern bio-physics in all we offer and the philosophy we share with the world.


Dayne and Indi grew up relatively well, however like many, as early teens they started to experience chronic symptoms and illness. It became clear they needed to take their health into their own hands if they wanted to feel their best.

Fast-forward years of their own health journeys of self-experimentation, research, and further education. They discovered the impact light has on our health, especially sleep and the improvements from using amber tinted glasses at night.

Together they brought the first interchangable, blue light blocking glasses to market in 2019, and continue to ensure innovation, high standards and attention to detail is reflected throughout BARKLEYS.


Effective: developed by holistic health professionals from the latest research and the original BPI* tint technology for day/night use.

Style: universally flattering and timeless designs that wont go out of fashion.

Premium: As of 2022 we only use bio-acetate, free of harmful petrolium plastisers, barrel hinges, never cheap plastic or parts that easily break.

Value: we find most competitors have unjustifiable mark ups and one quality frame with blue blocking lenses is AUD$150+.

Ethical: only honest marketing, fair manufacturing and trade to get your glasses crafted and to your door.

Sustainable: renewable resources and conscious suppliers down to energy and telecommunications providers, we'll even plant 10 trees on your behalf.