Using + Caring for Your New BioBarkleys™


What the 3 in 1 set comes with as well as some important things to note about our packaging (what to do with it) and thoughtful ways to store your BARKLEYS for their longevity and your convenience.

NOTE - ALL BioBarkleys™ come with our premium handmade hemp/ organic cotton case and cloth.


International orders now have 100% paper invoice enclosed slips making our packaging completely compostable.

Australian orders, we are working on getting compostable labels. For the time being the label will need to be cut off before composting.

How to Use Our Clip-ons

The simplest way to take on and off your clips.

When to Use

Below is general guidance on when to use each lens, however, you'll find what suits you best naturally as you use them based on your needs.

Note - If tinted lenses with strong blue blocking is an adjustment for you, use them for as long as is comfortable at a time, building up till your eyes have adjusted. It may feel weird at first but it will be easier on your eyes ultimately.

Cleaning Lenses

When the lenses are too smudged with oils or grease to remove with the lens cloth follow these steps for the best way to keep them looking great and avoid scratched lenses.

Note - Do not clean with clothing or tissues as this won't actually clean them and could cause scratches.