Frequently Asked Questions

I wear prescription/reading glasses, can you put my script in your blue blockers? 

We understand that protecting the eyes is even more important for those with impacted vision, so please don’t think we forgot you when designing Barkleys. However, we feel for most it's more cost effective due to health insurance to have it put into our frames by your optometrist, and more affordable than getting day and night prescription glasses with a competitor. 

Also some of our lovely customers have found that the clip-ons fit their existing frames - we can supply you with more detailed measurements if you’re not sure.

Can I wear just clear blue blocking glasses to help with sleep?

Unfortunately not if you want a significant improvement with your sleep and in turn overall health, as almost all of them only block 40 - 50% of artificial blue light. While blocking a little is better than none at all, you will only notice the increased melatonin release when blocking upwards of 500nm (Orange tint) and even more at 550nm (red tint). Despite this, a lot of companies claim their clear lens glasses help with sleep. It might take you some getting used to seeing things with a tint at night and some night time situations may require a lighter tint (such as driving for safety reasons). However, our hope with Barkley Eyewear is that we've designed the tinted clip-ons to be functional and attractive enough, so that you will love wearing them over the clear lens, to experience what it feels like when your melatonin isn't chronically suppressed, and you can have the best sleep EVERY night. 

My phone and computer already have the orange filter function, why do I still need a pair of Barkleys?

The glasses are a complementary technology rather than alternative, we ourselves have the software, Iris installed on all our devices. However, we can’t control the rest of our environment (besides our own home), and the reality is most of us are exposed to an abundance of harmful artificial light (usually overhead), either at work, school, the shops or in transit. Which is why everyone can benefit from the world’s most flexible pair of blue blockers.  

Do the Barkleys provide UV protection?

No and contrary to popular belief you wouldn’t want them to. Although there is significant evidence to suggest the radiation from UVA light can have a harmful effect on the eyes, the key is the amount and strength of exposure. Equally as important, we need the full spectrum of sunlight to hit our eyes - ideally first thing in the morning - to help align our body’s biological clock (circadian rhythm).