6 Practices to go from a Night Owl to an Early Bird

6 Practices that Transformed me from a Night Owl into an Early Bird | BARKLEYS

…And why you might want to take advantage of them too.

#1 Setting the intention

#2 Dark Therapy

#3 Sun Gazing


#4 Setting a wind-down/bedtime

#5 Going to bed without my phone (in Airplane mode)

#6 Living with like-minded people

I challenge you to do your own experiment with some of all of these…

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  • JuLee on

    I have been doing better now that I know better. I wear blue light blockers during computer work all day at my work at home job and let lots of light into the house. I not get up at 4 AM to manage all the me things I was missing out on due to work. I get in sungazing most mornings from the back porch with my coffee – any weather really. Blankets are a good thing. I notice the nature sounds and hear birds more now as the days are lengthening. On days off, I walk for exercise a couple miles and do that in the early morning sunrise. All these things work together and I truly believe watching that sunrise light for a few minutes makes us in tune more with the Earth and our connection and that leads to wanting to do more – grounding for example and healthier in all area from eating, to early bed, to limiting our exposure to all the things technology causes. Thanks for all the knowledge you share here!

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