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    A single pair of premium blue light blocking glasses average cost is $150 which covers only one type of protection.

    So if you were to buy 2-4 pairs to cover your day to night needs, it will easily cost anywhere from $300 - $600+


    Having to carry around and change between multiple pairs of blue blockers throughout the day and night is very impractical.

    With Barkleys we have designed the worlds first day to night interchangeable blue blockers in one pair


    Some blue light blocking glasses are bulky and unappealing, others use toxic chemicals for manufacturing parts and/or the whole of the glasses.

    With our deep passion for the planet we only use biodegradable acetate frames

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Australian Owned Small Business

Founded in 2017 

Protecting the health of our eyes and sight, is also close to our heart with Dayne's late Nan being blind for all his life, and it has never been more important than it is today, with our constant exposure to harmful artificial light.

Featured Interviews

We have been interviewed on a number of leading health and personal development podcasts across the U.S and Australia. Take a listen if you'd like to learn more about how light impacts us, blue blockers, sleep & our journey.